Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Joy of Summer!

What I like the most of my new job is this whole
on call thing. I have 1 or 2 penciled shift but I may get a call here and there to pick up the shift of my colleagues so I manage to collect about 20-25 hours/week which makes my living sufficient. Wouldn't do that for ever but for now I just LOVE it!

The other thing I love the most about my summer is what you see. Getting together with bunch of friends, sun, suncreen, beer and... knitting.

What I like the most about that statement is that, for some reason, people are always surprise to see a 35 years old young lady knitting at unusual places. As far as I can remember, I couldn't be empty handed. It drives Eric NUTS that I carry all kinds of shit everywhere I go (yarn, needles, crochets, polymer clay etc.) but IF I have an urge of doing something, it's there, THe good thing about knitting, unless you make a very large afghan, it doesn't take much place and I can get my stuff out anytime, anywhere!

Just a little anecdote... when I was about 23-24, I use to commute in the Montreal Subway and I use to carry knitting with me. Once, I was shopping at the Gap and I got to the cashier. She started to litterally STARE at me and said in that loud and admirative voice "OMG you're the girl who knits in the Subway! That's F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!"... I liked being the Knitting girl from the subway...

Friday, July 2, 2010

What laziness can make me do...

Oh well... my fUnKy socks are on hold since I couldn't make it to knitting class on Tuesday (forgive me, it was my birthday! hihi) and since it was a Holiday yesterday, the Knit'n'Bitch session was cancelled Wednesday night (and I got called in to work) and yesterday was closed. I'm at the crucial point and I don't want to mess things up so I should be able to make it to Tom's Place tomorrow night and take up on Alana's offer of a girlie cocktail for my belated birthday! Hihihi... yeah for me!

So the semi-organized person that I am and especially because I'm always afraid not having any projects to keep my hands busy, I bought 2 balls of Patons stretch sock yarn + a free pattern for Spiral "TUBE" socks... JEEZ I'm going from tube to REAL socks then back to tube... REGRESSION!!! But the yarn is fun and the pattern too! But I have a new project in mind... Thanks to Kathy AKA TechQuilter for bringing her Mystery socks to last Thursday class. They're beautiful and I would love to have a p!nk pair!

Since my birthday was last Tuesday (yeah, I'm an old fart of 35), my mom place an Amazon order and got me "Joy of Sox" where I fell in love with "takeout for two" from Cathy Caron, I'm so excited to start them. I would like to find cool color (yes, p!nk again and other fUnKy colors). I was lucky enough to had her on Ravelry and we've been exchanging messages for the last few days. She's really fun.

And to stay on a business mode, I started to move my workshop down to my In-laws. I dropped off my form to get a spot on the "Princess promenade" in Kingston taking place July 310 2010. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO IN PRODUCTION MODE!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My fUnKy socks

I moved to Kingston, Ontario about 2 weeks ago. Got a new “on call” job so I have a lot of time on my hands. I make jewelry but living on the boat doesn’t make it easy for storage and everything so I thought the most space efficient project would be… KNITTING!

I decided to go with a nice pair of socks that would match my nice P!nk Ugg directly coming from Australia. Since I hadn’t knit in a while I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the yarn so here’s the result! Only problem, I could never really get how to make a heel so I signed up for a knitting class at Wooltyme!

I’m really happy, I just almost finish my 1st sock (will be done tomorrow night at my 2nd lesson) and started the other one.

A special thanks to Anne and Alana for all the help and good support.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Nothing happens for nothing...

... I really like that sentence. I think all the puzzle pieces are finally falling into place.

I have been with my mate for a little more then 4 years now. It's been a bumpy road and I've been living right Downtown Montreal for 4 years but I'm due to move on. Ideal location for a young adult but now, I'm ready to move on. Trade my back alley for a backyard, trade my large double studio for a house, a home. Have more room for my bunnies and a big dog.

After many discussions, reflexions, we came to the decision that Kingston would be my adopting city. It's beautiful, close to the water, next to our boat slip, family, friends. The art scene is incredible. Over time, I had the chance to meet many great people. I think that in smaller environment, people have to come together... Lindsey, Jane, Andrea, Hillary...

Now, I think a very nice path is getting together in front of me. I have a possible job coming soon, I hope to find a studio and someone to share it with. My head is full of inspiration I just need the time and room to burst!

I promise I will be more consistent with my blog... in the process. Summer is knocking at our door... boating season has officially started. It's time to bloom. I can feel it :)